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英语四级作文范文及翻译 英语四级作文题目

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最近经常有小伙伴私信询问英语四级作文范文及翻译 英语四级作文题目相关的问题,今天,金大话教育网小编整理了以下内容,希望可以对大家有所帮助。


英语四级作文范文及翻译 英语四级作文题目



Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a letter to a foreign friend who wants to learn Chinese. Please recommend a place to him. You should write at least 120 words but no more than 180 words.


Dear Jack,

I am so glad to hear that you will pay a visit to China next month. Since you told me you are interested in learning Chinese, I am writing this letter to recommend you some famous and interesting attractions for better understanding Chinese characters.

As you know, the Forbidden City, which is also known as the Palace Museum, embodies this nations profound and diversified ancient culture with its magnificent architecture and precious treasures. Besides, it provides you with a variety of tourist introduction including its origin, cultural background as well as its translation in multiple languages, which will open a window for you to have a better understanding about the splendid Chinese characters.

I hope my recommendation will not make you disappointed. I can’t wait to be your guard. With best wishes.

Yours sincerely,

Xiao Ming









英语四级作文范文及翻译 英语四级作文题目

英语四级作文 英语四级作文范文带翻译

1、My views on Online Shopping

Nowadays, can we find a person who has not experienced online shopping? Definitely not. Online shopping is coming into fashion in most of cities due to the rapid development of internet technology.

Online shopping is welcomed by most people due to various reasons. From the perspective of consumer, it can save some time for people who don’t have much spare time. Just click the mouse, they can get whatever they want while staying at home. For the retailers, it can cut some costs for those who don’t have much circulating funds. They don’t have to rent a house and spend money on employees compared with the traditional trade mode. However, there are still some defects in online shopping. First, face to face deal makes online shopping less reliable and trustworthy. Second, people will lose the fun of bargain.

It is undeniable that shopping on the internet has become an irresistible trend in modern society. It’s of great urgency that we need to regulate the relative laws in accordance with the rapid growth of online shopping. Only in this way can we enjoy the pleasure and convenience of online shopping without the concern of being treated.





英语四级作文范文及翻译 英语四级作文题目


1. My Mother

My mother is a housewife. She is a nice and hardworking woman. She can cook very well. My mother is also very gentle. She loves me and seldom scold me. When I did something wrong, she will tells me and teaches me on how to do it correctly. I love my mother.



2. My Father

My father is a business man. He is strong and serious. He cares about me a lot. When I do not do well in my study, he will scold me. However, I know he loves me. He likes to bring me to go swimming every weekends. I love my father.



3. My English Teacher

My English teacher is a kind woman. She is nice and humorous. She always teaches us by using different interesting ways. I like her class because I can learn English well. Other teachers and students also like her very much.



4. About Myself

My name is xxx. I am xx years old. I study in xx(学校名字). My favorite subject is English and Mathematics. I like to eat chocolate. The thing that I like to do most is playing computer games. My ambition is to become a teacher.



5. My Hobbies

I have many hobbies. I like to swim, read story books and play computer games. I often go swimming on Sunday morning. Besides, I will go to library once a week to borrow story book. Every night, I will play computer games for about one hour. My hobbies help me to spend my time wisely.



6. The Rules in Our School

There are many rules in our school. Firstly, we must wear our school uniform, and we are not aloud to have our lunch at home in the afternoon. Then, we cannot go out at night and not aloud to watch television shows. Besides, we cannot eat in the classroom and must clean the room everyday. Lastly, we must not be late for class and surely cannot fight with each other.


7. Good eating habits金大话英语培训网

It is very important to have a good eating habit. By eating wisely, we can maintain our body health. It is not difficult to have a good eating habit. First, we must drink enough water everyday. Then, do not eat to much meat and oily foods. Besides, eat more vegetables and fruits. Then we can live out a healthy life.



8. Planning a birthday party for my friend

Next week is my friend's birthday. I and my classmates plan to held a birthday party for him. We decide to have the party at Mc Donald restaurant. We will buy a cake, some cookies and drinks to get ready for the party. The party will be very wonderful because we also prepare some games for fun. I hope my friend will like the party.



9. Our class rule

There are some rules in our class. Teacher sets the rules so that we can behave well in the class. First, we must not talking when teacher is teaching. Second, we must hand in our homework in time. Then, we also need to keep our classroom clean at all the time. Besides, we must respect our teachers and love our school.



10. A sick boy

A child of my neighbor was sicked few days ago. The mother was worried and quickly sent him to a clinic. After seeing the doctor, the boy was given some medicines. The mother gives her son medicines every day on time. Now the little boy has recovered and become a healthy, naughty boy again.




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